The Butterfly Journey~ Practical Activities for the Soul

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THE BUTTERFLY JOURNEY ~ Practical Activities for the Soul

Are you ready?

1To not just skim read through the articles, but to actually do the activities and exercises?  To explore, play and experiment?  Are you ready to…. read more.

Zumba Classes

2I teach Zumba Classes nearly every night of the week.  Dance has always been my hobby and I  absolutely love it.  ZUMBA IS GREAT FUN, if you haven’t tried it, why not? What have you got to…. read more.

On the right track?

3Answer the following questions and work out your score.  Once you’ve done that you can then read the guidance points, for advice on taking your career in the right direction…. read more.

About Me

4I qualified as a teacher (PGCE) in 2003, teaching for a couple of years, before working as a one-to-one Personal Adviser for Connexions for the next three years. I am a fully qualified…. read more.


Why is Mindfulness and Managing Thoughts not Easy?


How to manage your thoughts – is it just simple thinking? Simple thinking is not easy.  Isn’t that the paradox of simplicity?  Something that should be simple is actually rather difficult. We so easily get caught up in our constant stream of thoughts.  One tiny thought has the power to spiral out of control don’t you think? Most of have …

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Be Yourself…everyone else is already taken


Be Yourself, everyone else is already taken What blocks most people from making their dreams a reality? The fear of being who they really are We all seek approval and want to be accepted, this is human nature. Wanting to belong and be accepted.  I think we all underestimate how much we change ourselves to fit in with others. Most …

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Creativity Freedom

Discover Yourself and Your Life Purpose Writing Exercise


  Discover yourself- don’t wait to be discovered… you could be waiting a long time!   An activity to help you explore who you are and your life purpose   Let’s hope this never happens to you, but imagine for a moment there was a fire in your house in the middle of the night.  Clearly you would want to …

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The Butterfly Journey ~ Practical Activities for the Soul